Entrepreneur Club

Establishment: 2002

Founded in 2002, the CEIBS Alumni Entrepreneur Club (Beijing) is one of the oldest alumni associations at CEIBS. At present, the President is Xu Lei, the Secretary-General is Ma Jing, and the working group is comprised of nearly 20 council members (volunteers), who actively perform their duties and contribute to the association. With over 500 members, an overwhelming majority are active in the venture capital investment arena, and some are big-name entrepreneurs.

In recent years, the club’s members have organised numerous events, which have helped solve real problems facing entrepreneurs amongst CEIBS alumni. The club facilitates venture capital investment and financing, and has a team of expert advisors on a private board of directors, serving as a resource pool and a think tank supporting CEIBS alumni’s entrepreneurial dreams. The themes of the events organised by the club are related to common problems facing start-ups or are tailored to members’ needs (e.g. private board of directors, human resources management, finance, investment and financing, legal affairs and property rights, the management of product and information standardisation, marketing, promotion and public relations). Speakers at the events exchange ideas with CEIBS entrepreneurs on various hot topics and other subjects in which they have expertise.

In the spirit of working in a down-to-earth way to serve entrepreneurs amongst CEIBS alumni, the club spares no effort to help members fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.


President: Xu Lei
Secretary-General: Ma Jing