Tennis Association (Beijing)

Establishment: April 15, 2003

Founded in 2003, the CEIBS Alumni Tennis Association (Beijing) is one of the oldest associations at CEIBS. The association has more than 120 full-time members. Currently, the President is Cui Wai, the Vice President is Bai Jin’an, and the Secretary-General is Feng Cheng. The association organises tennis practice three times a weeks and attracts plenty of tennis enthusiasts from the CEIBS alumni community. The association has nurtured three teams which have competed in national EMBA tennis tournaments and other contests hosted by business schools and societies. The CEIBS tennis teams are the largest and the most outstanding tennis teams (by average levels of achievement) amongst tennis teams of business schools nationwide. With the support and recognition of the CEIBS Alumni Association, the CEIBS Alumni Tennis Association (Beijing) adheres to its mission of “gathering to stay healthy and happy”. The association is a big and happy family!


President: Cui Wai
Vice President: Bai Jin’an
Secretary-General: Feng Cheng