Basketball Club

Establishment: October 2014

Founded in October 2014, the CEIBS Alumni Basketball Club is a sports clubs owned by the CEIBS Alumni Association. The club boasts 120 members, 80 of whom are key dues-paying members, including EMBA, FMBA, MBA, and AMP alumni, as well as CEIBS faculty and staff. At present, the President is Chen Hao (EMBA133) and the Secretary-General is Bing Zhe (EMBA136). Additionally, the club has five council members, and two chapters – one in Beijing and another in Shanghai.

Since its establishment, the club has participated in numerous business school basketball games on behalf of CEIBS. The club also organises visits to alumni companies and friendly games many times a year. The Shanghai Chapter hosts training sessions every Sunday, while the Beijing Chapter hosts sessions every Saturday. Training is usually attended by a professional basketball coach and around 50 alumni.

Through a five-year rapid development, the club has become a stronghold for basketball enthusiasts amongst CEIBS alumni. We believe that under the leadership of the CEIBS Alumni Association, the CEIBS Alumni Basketball Club will be on the fast track to greater development!


President: Chen Hao (EMBA133)
Secretary-General: Bing Zhe (EMBA136)