Badminton Club

Establishment: October 20, 2012

Originating from the “Bamboo Forest Meeting” in 2011, the CEIBS Alumni Badminton Association was formed by badminton enthusiasts in the CEIBS alumni community on October 20, 2012 in Beijing. In pursuit of “health, pleasure, friendship and an enterprising spirit”, the association hosts various competitions and other events, serving as a platform that connects CEIBS with alumni, as well as with social organisations and graduates from other business schools. Zhao Jianhua (aka “the King of Badminton”) is the President of the association, while Prof. Chen Jieping is the Honorary President. The association includes over 300 alumni from around the world and has three chapters in East China, North China and South China. 


President: Zhao Jianhua
Secretary-General: Chen Lin