Auto Industry Association

Establishment: July 17, 2004

Established in 2004, the CEIBS Alumni Auto Industry Club was renamed the CEIBS Alumni Auto Industry Association (CAAA) in 2015. The council of the association was also founded that year, with 22 alumni elected as council members. In January 2019, 25 alumni were elected as council members.

At present, the association has two WeChat groups with more than 800 members in the auto industry (including vehicle manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, dealer services, research and development, and finance and investment).

The association is committed to organising events focusing on industry analysis, information exchange, project co-operation, and communication on practices. Every year, the association organises two domestic and overseas tours to both Chinese auto makers and major international auto companies. Moreover, the association organises numerous industry symposiums/seminars, and assists CEIBS in hosting the annual China Automotive Industry Forum.

The association currently has one President, four Vice Presidents, one Secretary-General, and four deputy secretaries-general. The President is Lou Zhouren and the Secretary-General is Li Hongguang.

CAAA: Pragmatic, efficient, open, dedicated to building a professional platform for value generation.


Lou Zhouren (Council President, MBA97)
Li Hongguang (General Secretary, EMBA99)