Art Collection Club

Establishment: July 7, 2012

The CEIBS Alumni Art Collection Club (Shenzhen) is for alumni who are enthusiastic about art collecting. With a mission to “facilitate communication between collectors, preserve historical and cultural heritage, enhance artistic accomplishment, enrich life, and provide a new option for investment and wealth management”, the club hosts a wide variety of professional events, and aims to be a platform for CEIBS alumni to exchange ideas about art collecting.

Many CEIBS alumni have been collecting enthusiasts for years and many frequently visit auction houses around the world and possess respected collections. The club now has over 150 members, including both experienced collectors and beginners. Currently, Bai Wentao (EMBA 2002) is the President, while Huang Zhi (EMBA 2003) is the Executive Secretary-General.


President: Bai Wentao (EMBA 2002)
Secretary-General: Huang Zhi (EMBA 2003)