Contemporary Arts Club

Establishment: September 2008

Founded in September 2008, the CEIBS Alumni Contemporary Arts Club is the first-ever contemporary arts-themed alumni club amongst Chinese business schools.

The club organises art appreciation events and lectures on art investment, and co-operates with high-profile international art exhibitions, like the Beijing International Art Exposition, Shanghai Art Fair, Art Taipei and Venice Biennale, to offer members VIP tickets and guidance services, thus creating more opportunities for members to appreciate contemporary art. 

In response to CEIBS’ call for the fulfilment of corporate social responsibility and the key national strategy of ecological civilisation construction, the club emphasises “environment-related art”. Through artistic creation, the club hopes to raise public awareness about global issues such as the deteriorating environment, and to promote the international trend towards green development amongst alumni companies. The club also host art education events for alumni’s children. The club has previously co-organised art events with the Changning, Zhangjiang and Xuhui Alumni Chapters. Riding on this momentum, the club will work with more chapters to serve more CEIBS alumni in the future.


President: Huang Ruifang
Secretary-General: Bao Yimin