AMP & CFO Club

Establishment: October 18, 2008

The CEIBS Alumni AMP & CFO Club is an official organisation for AMP and CFO alumni in Shenzhen. The AMP & CFO Club hosts events on a monthly basis. A total of 10 events were held in 2018, with the participation of 152 alumni. In 2018, we paid five visits to alumni companies, including Woneline, ATS Education, Mingdiao Decorative Incorporated, Wondershare and Tempus Value Chain, to get inspiration from their success. We also arranged two gatherings. Despite their busy schedules, our alumni gathered twice to enjoy dinner together and, more importantly, to contribute ideas for the development of the AMP & CFO Club. In addition, we held a PE industry summit together with alumni from the Shanghai AMP Club. We also organised our first-ever outdoor activity, in which alumni hiked along a section of Hong Kong’s MacLehose Trail. The AMP & CFO Club’s purposes are to create a sound environment for members to find something that strikes a chord at the bottom of their heart through communication and to deliver greater value through co-operation. We aim to increase the diversity of our activities to provide alumni with more opportunities for valuable, meaningful and in-depth communication. We will move hand in hand towards a brighter future.


President: YU Shaoyuan
General Secretary: GOU Zuyong