AMP Club

Establishment: November 29, 2014

An affiliated of the CEIBS Alumni Association, the CEIBS Alumni AMP Club was founded on November 29, 2014 and was the first club named after the Advanced Management Programme. At present, the club has over 2,000 members. The President is Xing Bo, and the Secretary-General is Wang Suwen. In addition, there are 84 council members.

With the tenets of “gathering CEIBS AMP alumni, sharing learnings and resources, and advocating a healthy lifestyle”, the club has established three committees; the Committee for Learning Sharing, the Committee for Resource Sharing and the Committee for a Healthy Lifestyle. The Committee for Learning Sharing hosts one big forum every year and organises online and offline small-scale lectures. The Committee for Resource Sharing serves as a platform for AMP alumni to share resources and seek opportunities for co-operation. In addition, the committee organises visits to alumni in different regions to increase their interaction. The Committee for a Healthy Lifestyle hosts the CEIBS AMP 24-Hour Elite Challenge every September. The challenge has become the premier event of the club. In 2018, the challenge attracted over 3,500 participants and generated great publicity. In addition, the AMP Marathon Group actively organises and participates in running activities, and helps alumni register for popular marathons that permit only a limited number of participants.

First hosted in 2008, the club’s most important event is the annual meeting. The meeting is also learning opportunity and celebration for alumni. In 2018, over 400 alumni participated in the meeting. Every year, a council meeting is held on the day before the meeting kicks off. CEIBS AMP alumni are a caring community and each AMP class makes contributions to society by doing volunteer work.

A range of platforms for learning and communication, as well as for various events, has substantially strengthened the connection between AMP alumni and enabled them to provide support for each other and the AMP Club will continue to give back to CEIBS and to society.


President: Xing Bo
Secretary-General: Wang Suwen