Agri-food Business Association

Establishment: May 27, 2012

The CEIBS Alumni Agri-food Business Association was formed on May 27, 2012, by CEIBS alumni and students working in the agri-food business or with a concern for agriculture-related issues. The association has 326 members. The President is Zhu Yanming and the Secretary-General is Gong Huimin.

The association serves as a platform for alumni to exchange information and experience regarding the agri-food business and a centre that provides entrepreneurial support. We aspire to integrate industry resources and drive China’s progress in the agri-food business. Known for its “agri-food business + internet” series of activities amongst alumni, it has organised visits to such companies as Tencent,, Alibaba and The association is planning to organise visits to YHD.COM, MI, Baidu,, 360, JUMEI.COM, Wanda E-commerce, DiDi and WeChat, amongst others. If you are interested, please contact our Secretary-General via WeChat (ID: nornor_chen) to inquire about a membership application.


President: Zhu Yanming
Secretary-General: Gong Huimin