Founded in 2004, the CEIBS Alumni Zhejiang Chapter aims to bring CEIBS Zhejiang alumni together and to create opportunities for them to strengthen ties with each other, build friendships, expand their network, share know-how and experience, and seek mutual help and collaborative development.
The chapter is led by a President and Vice President, alongside a Secretary-General. In addition, there is one council member from each class who is responsible for helping the council approach alumni about their participation in the chapter’s activities.

Since its establishment, the chapter has attracted over 500 members and organised nearly 100 events, including three to four big seasonal events held every year, as well as various small-scale activities. With topics relevant to a range of topics, including academic exchange, health and industry, these events have been well received by the membership and recognised by CEIBS. The chapter has established numerous associations, including the Gobi Association, Golf Association, Badminton Association, Outdoor Sports Association and Health Preserving Association. Each association affiliated with the chapter organises a range of events.

Thanks to the council’s efforts and alumni’s active participation, the chapter has effectively connected alumni with one another, with CEIBS, and with society, and has thus increased its social influence.

President: Ma Yawei
Secretary-General: Wang Hao