The CEIBS Alumni Yunnan Chapter has over 90 members in locations such as Lijiang and Kunming, and from a variety of professional backgrounds. The chapter was officially established on June 10, 2010, to better help Yunnan alumni advance their careers, build friendships and progress together. The chapter aims to serve as an efficient and stable platform that promotes mutual understanding and co-operation between alumni and to help alumni achieve greater success. Since its establishment, the chapter has hosted a variety of events which have effectively enhanced communication and cohesion amongst alumni. In the future, the chapter will continue to connect CEIBS with its Yunnan alumni, giving full play its functions as a chapter of the CEIBS Alumni Association, and enhance brand awareness and the reputation of CEIBS. The chapter completed the re-election of its fourth council on June 27, 2019. The re-elected council members include:

President: Zhang Ya
Vice Presidents: Zhang Yanping, Ye Ping, Chen Tao, and Shi Lei
Secretary-General: He Chunyang
Deputy Secretaries-General: Chen Jing and Yang Yuepeng
Director: Zhang Feng