The CEIBS Alumni Tianjin Chapter was set up in 2003, consisting of 210 alumni and 14 council members. Its President is Shen Zaikuan (EMBA08BJ2); the Secretary-General is Cui Wei (EMBA14BJ1). The Alumni House of the Tianjin Chapter is in Tianjin Leyi Data Company (No. 8602, Building 8, Tianhe Technology Park, Binhai New Area). As a historic city renowned for its rich culture and local delicacies, Tianjin has demonstrated strong economic momentum thanks to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Plan. CEIBS alumni are welcome to invest and live a happy life here in Tianjin.

Anciently Activities Images:

Alumni Dinner with President Zhu Xiaoming in Tinajin [23-April-2010]