The CEIBS Alumni Suzhou Chapter was founded in 2003. It aims to function as a service, commerce and LOHAS platform that gathers the power of CEIBS alumni in Suzhou to cultivate mutual help and win-wins. At present, the chapter has over 330 members who are leading figures from all walks of life. The chapter is the most active Suzhou-based alumni chapter of any business school, as well as one of the most active alumni chapters at CEIBS.

During the first decade of its development, the chapter adopted the principle of “three forgets” (forgetting about your age, forgetting about your position and forgetting about your gender) and cultivated close relationships amongst alumni. The chapter has organised a range of events on topics such as economics, finance, management and humanities, which have been well received by alumni. Its annual spring cocktail party and annual meeting are two of the highest-profile events for CEIBS alumni in Suzhou and China.

2019 was a turning point for the chapter. In the middle of its second decade of development, the chapter is transitioning its principle from “three forgets” to “three supports”. The chapter will continue to implement the mission of “serving alumni, giving back to CEIBS, and contributing to society”, supporting alumni’s entrepreneurial endeavours, their individual development, and their learning. At the same time, the chapter will work harder to gather the power of alumni, enabling them to make concerted efforts to forge ahead. Unleash the power of CEIBS alumni for the fulfilment of CEIBS dreams in Suzhou!

President: Ni Lin
Honorary Presidents: Xie Ming
Secretary-General: Gao Menzhong