The CEIBS Alumni Shenzhen Chapter has over 1,000 members in Shenzhen and nearby cities from a variety of professional backgrounds.

The CEIBS Alumni Shenzhen Chapter was officially established on January 10, 2004, to better help Shenzhen alumni advance their careers, build friendships and make progress together. The chapter aims to serve as a platform that promotes mutual understanding and co-operation between alumni and to help alumni achieve greater success. Since its establishment, the chapter has actively hosted a variety of events which have enhanced communication and cohesion amongst alumni.

The chapter completed the re-election of its sixth council on August 18, 2018. The re-elected the leadership team includes:

President: Xia Guoxin
Honorary President: Xu Hang
Vice Presidents: Chen Jinsong, Zeng Liqing, Gu Jing, Yang Longzhong, Yang Tianping, and Huang Junkang
Secretary-General: Zhang Jijun
Deputy Secretaries-General: Cong Lin, Da Yong, Song Yingxue, Han Sutong, Wang Aiyang, and Gou Zuyong

As of April 2019, the chapter had established four departments in accordance with the Articles of the Association of the CEIBS Alumni Association, including the Membership & Finance Department, Recreational Sports Department, Public Welfare & Philanthropy Department and Media Relations Department. In the future, the chapter will work to provide Shenzhen alumni with better services.