The CEIBS Alumni Shenyang Chapter was established in Shenyang in 2007. It is a voluntary non-profit social organisation consisting of 96 alumni and teachers who used to study or work at CEIBS. Its incumbent President is Lou Jing and the Secretary-General is Zheng Dong.

Each year, the Shenyang Chapter organises the following events:
- Annual work meeting
- New Year gathering
- Learning and communication
- Various recreational activities
- Visits to alumni companies
- Interaction with other alumni chapters in northeast China

Since its establishment in 2007, the Shenyang Chapter has made a consistent effort to build stronger ties between alumni and CEIBS, enhance communication amongst alumni, and facilitate sharing and common development in the alumni community. The chapter also encourages its members to work diligently and forge ahead in their respective positions, so as to make contributions to local economic and social development and increase the visibility of CEIBS in Liaoning Province and China’s three north-eastern provinces.