Founded in December 2003, the CEIBS Alumni Nanjing Chapter has undergone five councils. At present, the chapter has over 450 members from all walks of life, including industries such as manufacturing, IT, real estate, finance and trade. Since its establishment, the chapter has been true to CEIBS’s motto of “Conscientiousness, Innovation and Excellence” and has practiced the spirit of CEIBS to create value and serve society.

The chapter adheres to the tenets of the CEIBS Alumni Association and commits itself to connecting alumni, CEIBS and society and fostering a sense of belonging. It promotes positive interactions amongst alumni and between alumni and CEIBS; helps alumni achieve greater success through a variety of services; explores world-class models of business administration with Chinese characteristics; encourages alumni to make contributions to the construction and development of CEIBS; promotes CEIBS to raise its brand awareness and enhance its competitiveness; and pools the power of alumni to drive China’s economic development.

President: Pan Longquan
Secretary-General: Fan Hao