Kunshan is a county-level city in south-eastern Jiangsu province. The history of Kunshan can be traced back to more than 2,200 years ago, when Lou county was established during the Qin Dynasty. Kunshan is the cradle of Kunqu opera, “the ancestor of all types of opera”. In addition, Kunshan has remained in first place for 15 consecutive years on the list of China’s top 100 counties and county-level cities.

Affiliated with the CEIBS Alumni Association, the CEIBS Alumni Kunshan Chapter was founded in July 2012, and its third council was re-elected in December 20, 2020 with strong support from the CEIBS Alumni Association and the CEIBS Alumni Relations Office.

Currently, nearly 100 CEIBS alumni live in Kunshan or are invested in enterprises there, including big-name companies like JD.com, SANY and vip.com. In total, our alumni have invested over 10 billion RMB in more than 100 enterprises in Kunshan, whose annual production value amounts to over 30 billion RMB.

The chapter organises one or two big academic and economic summits, forums or other events every year, to which well-known CEIBS professors are invited as keynote speakers. We are looking forward to the chapter’s further development under the guidance of the CEIBS Alumni Association!

Honorary President: Guan Aiguo, Lu Jun, Xu Jun
President: Yu Hongfu
Executive Vice President: Chai Zhengqi
Secretary-General: Kong Fangfang