The CEIBS Alumni Jiangxi Chapter was established on April 10, 2008 in Nanchang. To date, the chapter has attracted over 320 members and is an elite business force in Jiangxi.

Members of the chapter represent a range of industries, such as real estate, finance & investment, education, IT, energy, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing.

The chapter strives to boost the careers of alumni in Jiangxi, to build stronger friendships amongst alumni and to facilitate mutual progress. Thanks to the efforts of its council members, the chapter has worked with alumni from all walks of life to build an effective platform for communication amongst Jiangxi alumni and between Jiangxi alumni and CEIBS and other chapters and clubs affiliated with the CEIBS Alumni Association. The chapter hopes to improve mutual understanding and promote co-operation between alumni, and to create opportunities for alumni to learn from each other. In addition, the chapter seeks to make contributions to regional economic development, enhance CEIBS’ social influence and reputation, facilitate positive interactions amongst alumni and between alumni and CEIBS, to give full play to its functions as a chapter of the CEIBS Alumni Association, and increase both brand awareness and the impact of CEIBS in Jiangxi. Currently, its President is Xia Yingjie, and the Secretary-General is Zhou Hongliang.