The CEIBS Alumni Guangxi Chapter was founded in December 2010. The tenets of the chapter are to serve Guangxi alumni, build a platform for commercial co-operation and communication amongst alumni, and through communication and the integration of resources, drive the healthy development of the economy in Guangxi, with the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone at its core. The chapter creates opportunities for alumni to share experiences, make progress together and give back to society by organising economic and academic forums and seminars and visits to alumni companies, and through charitable giving to Liuzhou Zhiliao Primary School. By virtue of its organisational structure, events and a strong sense of social responsibility, the chapter is doing its utmost to build the CEIBS brand in South China.

In accordance with the stipulations in the Articles of the Association of the CEIBS Alumni Association and the Guidance on the Re-election of the Council of a Chapter Affiliated with the CEIBS Alumni Association, the chapter completed the re-election of its third council on July 13, 2018. The leadership team of the council includes:

President: Wei Feiyan
Vice Presidents: Li Qingfeng, Luo Xin, Xiao Kaiyu, and Yang Qin
Secretary-General: Sun Xiaobing
Deputy Secretaries-General: Gan Lin, Liu Zhenkun, Lu Jinsheng, and Li Bo
Directors: Jiao Nianmin, Zheng Zehui, Hua Yumin