The CEIBS Alumni Gansu Liaison Office was established on October 22, 2015, when the CEIBS Management Forum was held in Lanzhou (during which CEIBS Prof. Katherine Xin delivered a speech on “Business Change and Organisational Development”).

Wang Kaizhong serves as Secretary-General and Wang Qian as Joint Secretary-General of the Liaison Office by way of alumni recommendation. Since most alumni members work in Shanghai and Beijing, the Liaison Office organises annual gatherings as opportunities for networking and co-operation.

Since 2015, the Gansu Liaison Office has held seven New Year alumni banquets as a way to maintain close bonds amongst alumni and allow them to share their dreams and stories of growth.

Thanks to numerous concerted efforts, the Gansu Liaison Office has grown from 17 members to 79 members. Together we will march on with all alumni.