Founded in October 2010, the CEIBS Alumni Chongqing Chapter has 247 members. The tenets of the chapter are in line with that of the CEIBS Alumni Association – namely, to serve as a platform that promotes the sharing of information, the creation of business opportunities and the development of alumni companies.

The fifth council of the chapter was established on August 8, 2022 with 20 council members, including one President (Li Hesheng), three Honorary Presidents (Yu Ping, Xiong Fan, Deng Sanhong), and one Secretary-General (Jing Song).

The council has a Secretary-General and a special committee, which provide alumni with well-rounded services. The Secretary-General manages five departments, namely the Alumni Affairs Department, Financial Supervision Department, Resources Operation Department, Public Relations and Public Welfare Department. The committee manages seven sub-committees dedicated to the development of alumni companies, the promotion of alumni family harmony, the health of alumni, the organisation of sports events and recreational activities, research into policies and the economy, the coordination of government relations, and the integration of global resources.

Tenets: To build stronger friendships, nurture good students as well as good business people, and create opportunities for alumni to learn from each other!