Founded in May 2005, the CEIBS Alumni Changzhou Chapter aims to gather CEIBS Changzhou alumni together, and to serve as a platform for alumni to share insights, exchange ideas and explore various development paths concerning their businesses’ survival and growth.

The chapter is led by a President and Vice President, alongside a General-Secretary. In addition, there is a council responsible for approaching alumni about their participation in the chapter’s activities.

Since its establishment, the chapter has attracted approximately 80 members and has organised a range of events, such as visits to alumni companies and a New Year’s carnival, which include discussions on hot economic topics and health, and sharing by industry experts.

Thanks to the active participation of its members, the chapter has effectively connected one alumni with one another, with CEIBS, as well as with society, and has thus increased its social influence.

President: Zhou Xiaoping
General-Secretary: Yue Guojian