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Journey of Art Series

The “Journey of Art” series has been a part of CEIBS’ event calendar since 2018, helping members of the CEIBS community get closer to the art world and appreciate opera, ballet, concert and many other art forms. As of October 2019, CEIBS has staged five art events on campus, including the “Midsummer Concert – Music Appreciation by Wei Song at CEIBS” (June 2018), “CEIBS Art Appreciation of Ballet” (September 2018), “Flute and String Quartet Concert of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for CEIBS Alumni Reunion” (November 2018), “Peking Opera Musical Appreciation by Wang Peiyu” (July 2019), and “Amber Quartet Concert” (September 2019). These events have not only enriched alumni’s campus experience, but have also expanded their artistic horizons.