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Shenzhen Campus: Alumni Show Community Spirit

Volumes 1 & 2, 2018

The CEIBS Shenzhen Campus, which moved to a new venue on December 21, 2017, would not have been possible without generous donations from the school’s alumni and students. Landsea Green Properties, where CEIBS Alumni Association Chairman Tian Ming (EMBA 2005BJ) serves as chairman, took care of the interior design, a project valued at RMB10.23 million. Shenzhen Century-Sail Investment Group, where alumnus Gu Jing (EMBA 2010SZ) is general manager, donated the Century-Sail Lecture Hall. Located on the sixth floor, it is the campus’ largest lecture hall and can accommodate about 130 people at a time. And, working together with the Shenzhen Campus, alumni Huang Yinfei (EMBA 2014SZ) and Sun Zhongbin (EMBA 2011SZ) created the popular CEIBS taste book bar. Meticulously decorated with flowers and plants, this corner of the first floor lobby boasts a refreshing and elegant design, along with a collection of nearly 1,000 classic books. The book bar, filled with the aroma of books, tea and flowers, provides CEIBS alumni a much sought after place to relax.

The fifth floor, the core of the Shenzhen Campus' day-to-day operations, houses a combination of open-plan staff offices and other functional space, including the reception area, video conference rooms and faculty offices.

“People choose CEIBS for its academic rigour and Shenzhen for its innovation,” wrote CEIBS Professor of Economics Zhu Tian in a preface for an exhibition showcasing the CEIBS Shenzhen EMBA cohorts’ glory days. “Our Shenzhen students represent a perfect combination of the vibrant and dynamic city and diligent, pragmatic and enterprising entrepreneurship, making them a fresh force among CEIBS EMBA cohorts for carrying on the spirit of ‘conscientiousness, innovation, and excellence’.”

Located at Building 10A (Qiufen Building), Taihua Wutong Island, Hangkong Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, the six-floor venue houses three terraced classrooms, two flat classrooms and 12 discussion rooms, large enough to accommodate three cohorts. Since the official opening ceremony, the campus has been the venue for the first annual CEIBS Shenzhen Campus Forum while future events include the Boyue Forum, the Light of Professionals Forum, and the EMBA Management Forum.