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In Review: The Most Read CEIBS Content of 2018

Volume 1, 2019

2018 proved to be a year full of headline-making news and trending topics and we were here to dig a little deeper to help make sense of it all. From trade spats and volatile real estate prices to cultural intelligence and managing professional relationships, we take a look back (in no particular order) at the year’s 12 most read articles from the CEIBS Knowledge section of the website.



Explainer: US-China Trade Spat

China-US trade tensions hit an all-time high in 2018, and our faculty had a lot to say on the issue. In a piece written in April, CEIBS Professor of Economics Xu Bin asked the question, if currency manipulation isn’t the cause of the US’ current trade deficit with China, what is?






China-EU Partnership More Vital than Ever

As commercial confrontation began to spread beyond China and the US, 2018 proved to be a year where international exchanges and free trade were under duress all over the world. With this in mind, CEIBS Distinguished Professor and former Prime Minister of France Dominque de Villepin penned a thoughtful piece in June on how Europe and China can join hands to guarantee the world’s economic stability.






6 Keys to Understanding China’s Rising Real Estate Prices

When China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) revealed that, in the three-year period leading up to May 2018, new housing prices had increased by a whopping 20.4% nationwide, people took notice. In July, CEIBS Adjunct Professor of Economics & Finance Sheng Songcheng examined the government’s latest tightening measures and looked at the impact of China’s skyrocketing real estate prices.






China’s Digital Revolution

In 2018, internet companies dominated Fortune Magazine’s list of the 500 most profitable companies in the US. CEIBS MBA Programme Director and Professor of Management Juan Fernandez took a look, in a piece published in June, at how the digital revolution is transforming the way China — and the world — does business.






How to Improve Your Cultural Intelligence

With the number of cross-border collaborations on the rise, multinational organizations have come to view cultural intelligence (CQ), the ability to adapt and function in foreign settings, as a valuable asset in the workplace. CEIBS Distinguished Professor of Management Jiing-Lih Farh offered a closer examination of CQ and challenged some of the assumptions about how it is acquired.






Why KPIs often Miss the Mark on Innovation

Though they said being innovative was a top priority, many companies around the world continued to struggle to innovate in 2018. As CEIBS Assistant Professor of Management Sebastian Schuh showed in his piece, part of the reason might be that employees don’t always receive fair recognition for their innovation efforts in traditional performance evaluations.






The Importance of Trust in the Workplace

The secret to a good marriage is mutual trust and communication. In a study published earlier in the year, CEIBS Professor of Management Kim Tae-Yeol showed that these same principles also apply to the relationship between managers and their subordinates.






Jack Ma Can Retire with Confidence… But Will He?

Alibaba Group’s Jack Ma shocked the world in September when he announced that he would retire as Chairman of China’s largest e-commerce company. CEIBS Lecturer of Management Michelle Zheng shared her thoughts on how Ma’s proactive personality, coupled with Alibaba’s sustainable succession plan and well-developed organizational culture would ensure he can do so with confidence.






Managing Personality Clashes at Work: How to Avoid Burnout & Boost Commitment

Combining team members with different personalities and skillsets can sometimes prove to be a double-edged sword. According to a paper co-authored by CEIBS Assistant Professor of Management Emily M. David, effectively managing personality clashes starts with creating an atmosphere where fair treatment is the norm.






Growing CSR in China: First Corporate Social Responsibility Index for Chinese Listed Companies

Corporate Social Responsibility was a hot topic in 2018. In March, Professor of Finance & Accounting Oliver Rui helped unpack the first Corporate Social Responsibility Index for Chinese Listed Companies. Along the way, he also explained why CSR is a bit like broccoli.





Three Unique Ways Israeli Start-Ups Dance with Gorillas

By the beginning of 2018, Israeli companies were spending more than 4% of the country’s total gross domestic product (GDP) on research and innovation in a quest to develop expertise in an astonishing range of technologies. CEIBS Associate Professor of International Business & Strategy Shameen Prashantham took a closer look and helped explain why Israel is to innovation what Switzerland is to chocolate.





Chinese Investors Shouldn’t Neglect Indian Corporate Technology Firms

In the first two months of 2018, a leading Indian business daily reported that Chinese corporations had already made investments of more than $1 billion in Indian early- and growth-stage companies. CEIBS Professor of Entrepreneurship Ramakrishna Velamuri offered a look at some of the reasons why the Indian technology entrepreneurial ecosystem presents attractive opportunities to Chinese strategic and financial investors.


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