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CEIBS: A Look Ahead

Volume 3, 2018

On November 8, 2019 CEIBS will celebrate its 25th anniversary. We ask the school’s Presidents the question: what’s next for CEIBS? Here is their reply.

“As an increasingly globally-recognized international business school, CEIBS is playing a more important role in bridging China with the world and telling China stories. Looking back and thinking ahead, we will do our best to maintain our ‘China Focus’ while achieving ‘Global Significance’.

We will continue moving forward as a team, a cohesive unit where the school leadership works hand in hand with faculty, staff, students and alumni along with our partners inside China and across the globe, to build on what those who came before us have achieved.

Over the last quarter century, with campuses in Asia, Europe and Africa, we have earned a reputation as an academically rigorous institution that nurtures and practices social responsibility. As we explore how we can meet the needs of Chinese businesses in the US while strengthening operations in Europe and Africa, we remain true to these long-held values. We are keenly aware that CEIBS’ future impact will be defined by the school’s academic excellence, its reputation, and competitive advantage.

And what is that advantage?

CEIBS possesses unrivalled expertise in providing China knowledge. And we do so within a global context.

The time has come for CEIBS to be a school whose impact on the world of business, and on the wider society, goes far beyond China’s geographical borders. We have accomplished a lot, and we will accomplish even more because we refuse to be complacent. We will continue to be creative and innovative, we will never sacrifice our values or lower our high standards. We will continue to be guided by our focus on China, with our eyes firmly fixed on attaining global significance for the school and all whose lives it touches and shapes.

The best days for CEIBS are still ahead of us!”


Li Mingjun, President

Dipak Jain, President (European)