Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When Women Are Tapped To Lead The Family Firm

By Co-Director of CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage Professor of Management, Michelin Chair Professor in Leadership and HR Jean Lee

When we think about business succession, we often see it a bit like succession in a royal family where control of the kingdom passes from king to prince. But while father-to-son business succession may be most common, there are an increasing number of daughters who take the reins to lead the family business. This is especially true in China, where the daughter is the only child in many families because of the country’s One Child Policy.

Having more female heirs holding the reins is good news as a growing body of evidence suggests that when the baton is passed to a daughter, the process tends to go more smoothly.  Usually, one of the most vulnerable times in a family business is during the transition period when leadership passes from one generation to the next. But daughters tend to have better management and communication skills, which are vital in times of business transition,  while father/son relationships tend to have more conflict, which can make for a rocky changing of the guard. Read more on

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