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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 to Sunday, June 12, 2016

The First Global Virtual Reality Conference

The First Global Virtual Reality Conference ​Agenda
Date: June 8-12, 2016
Place: China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Day 1  June 8, 2016

Morning 09:00---12:05
Host: Zhang Mengxi



Guest Speaker

08:30 --- 09:00


09:00 --- 09:05

Opening ceremony of the 1st Global Virtual ·Reality Conference

09:05 --- 09:10

Opening speech:
CEIBS: A Business School Stepping in VR/AR?

Dr. Zhu Xiaoming (Professor & Former President of CEIBS)

09:10 --- 09:30

Keynote speech: HoloLens – Virtual Reality & Mixing Reality

Danny Yamin (Global Vice President of Microsoft)

09:30 --- 09:50

Keynote speech: Augmented Reality and the Future of User Interfaces

Steven K.feiner (Director & Professor of Computer Graphics and User Interface Laboratory, Columbia University, Father of AR)

09:50 --- 10:10

Keynote speech: How Augmented Reality will Improve our Interactions with Computers

Ryan Pamplin (Vice President for Strategy at META)

10:10 --- 10:30

Keynote speech: Connecting Hearts & Minds to Make a Better World (CS)

Christopher Stapleton (Simiosys Real World Laboratory Virtual World Society)

10:30 --- 10:50

Keynote speech: When Virtual Industry Goes into Reality

Wang Bin (General Manager of China Mobile Migu Video)

10:50 --- 11:05

Keynote speech: AR Subject Application

Guo Qiyin (Chairman of Ningbo GQY Video Co., Ltd.)

11:05--- 12:05

Roundtable 1:
At an age of VR/AR, to seize technical height or to hold position of art (or art for healing)?

Zhu Xiaoming (Professor & Former President of CEIBS)
Wang Tianyun (Vice Chairman of Shanghai Film Association, President & Professor of the School of General Education in Shanghai Institute of Visual Art)
Han Sheng (Vice Chairman of China Theatre Association, Professor of Shanghai Theater Academy)
Yu Guangjun (President of Shanghai Children's Hospital)
Guo Zhenping  (CTO of Huachen Interaction)

Afternoon 13:30---17:55
Host: Zhou Junfu


Keynote speech: How VR Technology Will Transform Healthcare  

Walter Greenleaf (Director of VR Medical Research Institute of Stanford University)


Keynote speech: VR and the Future of Sports

Tom Impallomeni (CEO of Virtually Live)


Keynote speech: Impact of VR/AR upon Various Industries

Song Haitao (Founder and CEO of Idealsee)


Keynote speech: Integration of Movie Industry and VR

Li Renhao (CEO of Macrograph, South Korea)


Keynote speech: Culture and Social Innovation Driven by Design

Fei Jun (Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts)


Keynote speech: Road of Light Field to Virtual Reality

Yu Jingyi (Professor of Shanghai University of Science and Technology)


Keynote speech: VR Integrating with Interactive Movies, New Opportunities

Zhang Liming (Greater China Technical Director of Unity Technologies)


Roundtable 2: VR/AR and Industry Application

Host: Zhou Junfu (Presenter of Pudong Channel of Oriental Finance)
Fu Qiang (Chairman of Irena Group Co., Ltd.)
Li Sheng (CNSPEC)
Mao Dingyuan (Chairman of SYITI)
Ying Zhongwei (President of Guangdong Education Publishing House)
Chen Zongbing (Chairman of Legend Cultural Development Group)
Zhang Yuanye (Chairman of China Grain Group)
Qian Sheng (CEO of Sina Vision)


Roundtable 3: VR Industry Investment Logic

Host: Qiu Jiaqiu (Presenter of Caixin Video)
Zeng Kaitian (Co-Founder of Sanqi Interactive Entertainment)
Zhang Zhiheng (Strategy Director of Baidu Strategic Management Department)
Guo Chaoqiang (Chairman of Haimu Capital)
Jiang Haotian (Managing Director of NLVC)
Wu Jingwei (Partner of Green Pine Capital)
Yao Guoji (Partner of Shanghai Xuanjing Science & Technology)


Roundtable 4: How does VR industry dig gold from pan entertainment?

Host: Yang Zizhen (Presenter of Enlight Media)
Ji Zhi (CEO of Explosion Entertainment Media)
Yang Aofei (Left Right Science & Technology)
Qin Zitong (CEO of Zhenzi Mutual Entertainment)
Zhang Cong (CEO of D Vision)
Zhang Xuebing (Greater China CEO of Euclideon)

June 8~12, 2016       Exhibition & Display