Mike Qian Miao

Mike Qian

President, China Network Co., Ltd.


Nationality: China

+86-18001800999 / cnshvip@189.cn

* 2013, EMBA, CEIBS
* 1981~1987, Computer Software, Fudan University

* IT & CT (ICT) services
* e-commerce  


Mr. Miao has obtained an EMBA from CEIBS, and also finished his undergraduate and graduate studies in Computer Software Engineering in Fudan University in late1980s.

Mr. Miao has nearly 30 years experiences about product R&D, marketing and sales, team/corporate management etc. After graduation, once worked in Shanghai Computer Software Laboratory engaged in R&D; in the late 1990s, become the founding employee and small shareholder of Shanghai Wander Information Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen SE: 300168); at the beginning of this century Miao entered the CT communication services, as a CEO, built and operated the first cooperated data center with China Telecom(Shanghai), provides enterprise class data center hosting services,become a nationwide Internet service provider. Recently Miao recruited development teams to develop and carry out some industry application of SAAS and the sharing economic field projects. Miao also jointly cofounded the "EHI" (second founding partner), NYSE listed (ECAR) and has served as a director of the company.