Billy Yao

Billy Yao is the founder of PPTV Media Corporation. He is also the president of Shanghai young entrepreneurs association, founding dean of Chaos AI entrepreneurship camp and an angel investor.

Mr. Yao quitted his master study in Huazhong University of Science & Technology in 2004, and developed world’s first P2P Internet TV live streaming software PPLive (known as PPTV now). In 2005, Mr. Yao founded PPTV Media Corporation, which focused on product innovation and marketing in internet television area. His company successfully attracted more than 10 top international investment institutions, such as SBCVC, DFJ, BlueRun, Softbank, Honey Capital, and got 6 rounds financing and almost 1 billion USD in total. After 10 years, PPTV has developed more than 450 million user base in total, ranked as top 10 Chinese software for many years, and become one of the most popular TeleWeb application. As the founder, Mr. Yao always led his team to improve product experience and technology and issued many high quality academic papers in ACM and Sigcomm. He also invented cloud video computing model PPCloud and had about hundred patents of technology at home and abroad. PPCloud is suitable for large-scale network video transmission, and can also save bandwidth for more than 95% servers. Based on PPCloud video platform, PPTV web TV can cover mobile phone, pad, PC, television, telematics and other screens. Mr. Yao also realized his product vision of “Any time, Any where, Any screen”. In 2014, a Chinese listed company Suning acquired PPTV fully, and realized integration for one cloud of many terminals by introducing PPBox set top box, PPTV television, PPTV 3D mobile phone and other entertainment multimedia terminals.

As a representative of the contemporary youth outstanding entrepreneurs, Mr. Yao was awarded Shanghai Top 10 Innovative IT Youth, Shanghai young entrepreneur pioneers, Shanghai《come near them》2010 annual top ten characters, Shanghai 54 Youth Medal Mode, the Sixth China Youth entrepreneurs and other titles. As the first president of Shanghai young entrepreneurs association, Mr. Yao promoted to improve the atmosphere of entrepreneurship for Shanghai youth people, organized many online and offline events to connect young entrepreneurs in different areas and help young entrepreneurs to find resources such as incubators, investors and entrepreneurship trainings. Mr. Yao went to campus many times every year to deliver passionate entrepreneurship speeches and experience sharing, which infected and encouraged many youths with entrepreneurship dream. “PPLive, change our lives!”, as the slogan of PPTV when Mr. Yao started this company, has been known by many users, and the most important things in people’s mind is the user experience of network television and the dream to change the future internet live cultivated by Mr. Yao and his diligent and smart team.