Zhonghui Wang

Managing Director /  Zero2IPO VC funds investment

Class 2 2012 EMBA S ,China Europe International Business School ,Shanghai 

Nationality: China


Wutong Financial
1919 Wine supply chain
Kylin Culture

Investment Interests:
Energy conservation and emission reduction
New energy and new materials

Short Bio:

Mr. Wang was born in February 1971, now he is the vice chairman of China CEO private equity investment club.

Mr. Wang takes charge of executive director of Wanhe hotel group ,chairman of Sanluwu capital company, investment partner of Zero2IPO venture capital fund, executive partner of Jingling art fund founder company ,and executive partner of Huanya venture capital company ,etc .

Mr. Wang has financial knowledge for more than 20 years , more experience of practice management, business development capacity and start-ups investment experience. To consumer service, environmental protection energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy and new materials, modern agriculture, etc., He has a wealth of investment experience and actual understanding.

From 2007 Mr. Wang began to plunge into private equity investment field , has founded Wenzhou Huanya venture capital PE funds , Zero2IPO Gongchuang funds , Jingling art funds. From 2000 Mr. Wang began to invest in real estate, advanced manufacturing industry, hotels, business trade, modern agriculture, and other entities enterprise .As a experienced angel investor Mr. Wang has unique insights to Chinese economic development and operation rules, pay great attention to new mode and new products of start-ups .