Huiqing Li

Founder / Sustain Enterprise

EMBA 2015

Industry: Consumer Goods
* 2017 expected, MBA, China Europe International Business School
* 2011, BA in Political Science, Brown University



Environmental degradation is affecting consumer decisions. The modern consumer wants: 1) Products that are healthy and do not contain chemicals/environmental pollutants 2) “Green” products and services with minimal carbon emission and environment impact. Today’s products and services, however, have barely begun to deliver on these two key pillars. Enter Sustain Enterprises.

There are very few brands that are truly founded on the two key pillars of health and environment. In China such brands are almost non-existent. We will build a Chinese brand with a 100% emphasis on the key pillars of health and environment. We aim to gain 100% consumer trust. We believe consumer trust is one of the most difficult competitive advantages for competitors to copy.