Jeong Hoon (Jay) Ha

Founder & Partner / The Icon TV China

GEMBA 2014



B.S major in Finance, National University Philippines




About venture:

The Icon TV is a new media company established in Seoul S. Korea in 2014. The company has produced over 500 video footages of over 650 iconic people from all over the country. Iconic people otherwise, the icons are young key individuals from different industries including music, fashion, entrepreneurship, leadership, social, and entertainment. Many popular models, celebrites, entrepreneurs were filmed and more and more icons are lined to be filmed too.

The Icon TV China was established to follow the Icon TV Korea's business history. We look at our business into 4 different stages.

1. Set-up the entity and distribute Korean video footages (80-100 Korean icons who already has large number of fans or followers in China)
2. Produce Chinese Icon TV films by shooting Chinese young key individuals. Go global do the same in Japan (Japan company is already established), Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more.
3. Manage the icons to be star, entertainer, artist, and or any other vision or dream they wish to follow. Help and support them.
4. 020 The Icon TV facility development. Facility shall equip large music studio facility, theatre, museum, cafe, life style shop and etc.

About partners:

The Icon TV Korea CEO WH Kim : Ex- Cheil Creative Director, current founder of the Icon TV Korea

The Icon TV China partners: Jay Ha Ex- Private equity investor, Warren Liu, current founder of Redfly communications

The Icon TV Japan CEO Kentaro Azuma : Ex- Nomura securities HK president

About my experience:

I started my first job as a partner of JV real estate project. I found a real estate development and financial advisory services company and managed it for 5 years.

I also have set up a Private eqity firm and invested to several hospitality projects.