Jun Yan

Co-Founder / Fit+

MBA 2017

Industry: Consumer Goods


* 2017 Expected, MBA, China Europe International Business School
* 2011, BSc in Finance, BA in Economics, Penn State University



Balanced fitness diet is more important to hardcore fitness people who try to lose body fat or gain muscle. We try to deliver well balanced healthy meal that is tasty and also really convenient to order and get for fitness enthusiasts. (1) Online ordering and fitness center pick up or same day/next day delivery are available to save time. (2) For different purpose, such as fat loss and muscle gain, there are different recipes to make it tasty and well-balanced.

There are very few company in China that are providing balanced fitness food service for fitness enthusiasts who what to control their body fat. Most of the healthy food or salad brands are for regular people who just what to occasionally eat healthier. We will use personal trainer as a channel to promote the food service and aim to gain trust from fitness enthusiasts. Once this niche market is secured, word of mouth will help us to promote the convenient fitness food service to more people who are care about eating healthier.

Jun graduated from Penn State University in 2011. His first job was an auditor for one of the big four firms in Beijing. Later on Jun joined his family business as the general manager of a subsidiary company. In 2015, Jun decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream while attending CEIBS as a MBA student. Jun is a huge of fitness and enjoys working out in his free time very much. He is now a part-owner of a fitness gym.