Arpit Mishra

Founder / Attainer

MBA 2017


* 2017 expected, MBA, China Europe International Business School
* 2008, B.Tech, IIT Kharagpour



Arpit Mishra has 7 years of work experience in Risk analytics and Risk management in Financial Industry. He has worked on consulting projects in four countries in helping banks comply with international risk regulations. He is a certified FRM since July 2015.

Arpit is an engineer by education, a risk consultant by profession, a techie by nature and an entrepreneur by heart. He is very keen about Internet Finance industry and have been working with a startup in Shanghai.

Beyond work, he loves traveling, hiking and movies.

Attainer provides end-to-end career management services to temporary, casual and self-employed workers living in China or India. It provides career coaching in upskilling these individuals and helping them find a new job.

Attainer provides these services through a ROBO Career Counsellor. The platform aggregates the information of available jobs and the vocational training houses. This way, the ROBO counsellor can identify the skill demand and supply gap in the market. It evaluates an individual profile and correlates them with the skill in demand and thus propose the workers to up-skill. Once, they add the new skill, the platform finds them new jobs.