Hui He

Founder, Allcheer Financial Information Service
MBA 2014SH3
Industry: Internet Finance

* 2016 expected, MBA, China Europe International Business School
* 2000, BA of Engineering, Wuhan University of Science and Technology



[Venture Executive Summary] Established in Oct, 2015, Allcheer Finance started its business focusing on technology service and business realization for various internet finance models. Our core team members come from executive positions in payment and traditional industries in charge of R&D, marketing and business innovation. Allcheer is funded by Ants Capital and share the resource of its ecosystem.

[Venture Product & Service/Competitive Advantage/Investment] Leveraging the channel management experience, operation expertise and technology capacity, Allcheer provide technology and operation services for traditional financial institutions, internet players and SMB in various industries based on payment and accounts solutions. We aim at building an ecosystem to connect users of different financial demands with full spectrum operation services.

[Personal Experience] Hui He started his career on marketing planning and channel management after his graduation with engineering background. In 2012, he joined a 3rd party payment company in charge of merchant acquiring, internet account solutions and SMB financing. During the work, he’s always seeking solutions to improve the payment and financing efficiency using Fintech and business innovation.