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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

CEIBS Insights 2018 | The 4th Europe Forum · Zurich

Smart Healthcare: Reshaping the Healthcare Industry in China and Switzerland

Human society has never been so deeply driven by technological innovation as it is today. Along with the advancement of internet infrastructure, cloud computing and big data have become mainstays of the healthcare industry and VR/AR applications are also gathering momentum in the medical field. The healthcare industry has become both a testing ground and a playing field for a string of emerging technologies. Only by keeping abreast of new technologies for smart healthcare can we spearhead the evolution of the healthcare industry.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are now buzz words. The healthcare industry provides fertile soil for emerging technologies that can be leveraged for product research and manufacturing in smart healthcare. As the Internet of Things and cloud computing have matured, smart healthcare services have become a reality and will bring about profound changes in terms of operational models and individual therapy.

China is facing an ageing population. In addition to technological innovation, healthcare has been placed by local governments at the top of their agenda in order to improve the quality of development. With an efficient medical service system and a well-established aging care industry, Switzerland has long been at the forefront of the global healthcare industry. What are the latest developments of smart healthcare in China and Switzerland? How can China and Switzerland complement each other to kick-start product and service innovation in the healthcare industry? How will the two countries join hands in advancing the healthcare industry through mutual investment and technological cooperation?

2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the China-EU Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. Over 50 up-and-coming entrepreneurs in China’s healthcare industry have signed up for the Smart Healthcare Startup Programme offered by CEIBS, a top business school in Asia. At this Forum, they will share their experiences and knowledge about innovations in smart healthcare products and services in China and exchange ideas with healthcare company executives, hospital presidents, R&D professionals, and investors about how to leverage smart healthcare technology as a way to reshape the healthcare industry in China and Switzerland. They will also explore the prospects for innovation and cooperation in this field.

12:30-13:00 Registration
Forum Host: 
Dr. Philipp Boksberger
CEO/President, Zurich Institute of Business Education - CEIBS Zurich Campus
Welcome Address
  • Dr. Urs Rohner, Chairman, Credit Suisse
  • Prof. Yuan Ding, Vice President and Dean, Professor of Accounting, Cathay Capital Chair in Accounting, CEIBS
Opening Keynote Speech I
Mr. Chris Ebell, Executive Director, Human Brain Project (HBP), the Swiss Blue Brain
Opening Keynote Speech II
Prof. Dipak C. Jain, President (European), Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
Session I: Healthcare Product Innovation Boosted by Smart Healthcare Technology
Keynote Speech I
Prof. Christopher L. Tucci, Chair in Corporate Strategy & Innovation and Former Dean, College of Management of Technology, EPFL; CEIBS Visiting Thought Leader
Keynote Speech II
Mr. Jun Wang, Founder, iCarbonX
Panel Discussion
Moderator: Prof. Vincent Chang, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of eLab, CEIBS
  • Prof. Christopher L. Tucci, Chair in Corporate Strategy & Innovation and Former Dean, College of Management of Technology, EPFL; CEIBS Visiting Thought Leader
  • Dr. Dr. Matthias Reumann, Sustainable, Resilient Health Systems Researcher, IBM Research - Zurich
  • Mr. Jun Wang, Founder, iCarbonX
  • Mr. Sijia Lu, CEO, Yikon Genomics
  • Mr. Thomas Amrein, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager of Global Equities, Credit Suisse 
15:10-15:50 Coffee Break
Session II: Healthcare Service Innovation Driven by Smart Healthcare Technology
Keynote Speech I
Mr. Guillaume DuPasquier, Co-Founder, DomoSafety
Keynote Speech II
Mr. Bangyu Huang, Group Deputy CTO and CTO of Healthcare Plate Tech+ Department, Fosun Group
Panel Discussion
Moderator: Mr. Markus Herrmann-Chen, Founder, Herrmann Management & China Consulting
  • Mr. Guillaume DuPasquier, Co-Founder, DomoSafety
  • Mr. Bangyu Huang, Group Deputy CTO and CTO of Healthcare Plate Tech+ Department, Fosun Group
  • Mr. Liang Liang, Founder and CEO, Easyhin
  • Speaker from Credit Suisse
Closing Address
Prof. Pedro Nueno, Honorary President (European), CEIBS
17:15-19:00 Closing Drinks

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Credit Suisse

Forum St. Peter, St. Peterstrasse 19, 8001 Zürich

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