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Media Audio

Prof Chen Weiru discusses China’s e-payment platforms (Interview in German)
March 24, 2016
Prof Oliver Rui on China’s overheating real estate market
March 10, 2016
CEIBS Annette Nijs provides a sneak preview on the 2016 NPC Meeting
March 04, 2016
Prof Rui participates in panel discussion on China’s housing price rise
March 04, 2016
Prof Xu Bin on China's economy
January 08, 2016
NPO Radio 1: CEIBS’ Annette Nijs on China’s support of yuan’s inclusion in Zimbabwe’s currency list (interview in Dutch, runs from 04:43 - 12:55)
December 24, 2015
Prof Oliver Rui discusses unemployment in China
November 28, 2015
NPO Radio 1: CEIBS’ Annette Nijs receives Chinese Government Friendship Award
October 27, 2015
NPR: Prof Xu Bin on China’s economic transition
August 31, 2015
CRI: Prof Chiang Jeongwen on China's three telecom operators' changing leadership
August 25, 2015