CEIBS MBA Management Consulting Club (CMCC)

Club Name: 
CEIBS MBA Management Consulting Club (CMCC)
Club Vision: 

We aim to aid each and every member in the pursuit of their career objectives through increased profiling of CEIBS’ Consulting Club both within China and internationally.

Club Mission: 
  1. To profile CEIBS as the top target business school for management consulting in Asia.

  2. To aid all CEIBS students in deciding whether consulting is an appropriate career choice and if so, the necessary steps they need to take to achieve that aim.

  3. To equip all club members with the necessary soft and hard skills for case interviews, be it for consulting firms or other industries and schemes such as finance or LDP programs.

  4. To provide club members with a platform for networking with consultants through leveraging CDC contacts, CEIBS alumni and various other means (e.g. through connecting with other business schools, professional associations, etc.).

  5. To support club members and all CEIBS students in case competitions around the world.

  6. To offer advice and assistance to international students who may be interested in a consulting career in China or elsewhere.

Club Activities or Events: 

Term 1-2 (2017):


Club socials

Hard-skill workshop

Soft-skill Coaching

CEIBS consulting club kick-off event:

  • Introduction of the new management team
  • Seek club members’ views on proposed initiatives

Consulting 101 seminars:

  • What is consulting?
  • What should I choose? Consulting vs. Investment Banking vs. Private Equity/Venture Capital vs. LDP

Consulting firm campus talk or firm visits:

  • LEK Consulting
  • Monitor Deloitte
  • Bain & Company
  • OC&C


Case interview preparation:

  • What are case interviews?
  • Which frameworks are most relevant?
  • How to tackle fit questions.

Singapore career trek:

  • To explore the inclusion of additional consulting firms within the agenda (e.g. DHL Consulting, EIU (Clearstate)


Mock interview training camp:

  • To be carried out in groups of 4 students
  • Both case interviews and fit questions will be practiced
  • CDC consultants, experienced alumni, industry experts (Zoe and Welson) will support






Hard-skill workshop

Soft-skill Coaching

Term 3

Continuation of mock interviews:  

  • Bi-weekly gatherings of interested students to carry out mock case interviews.
  • The Consulting Club management team will lead the mock interviews





Real life pro bono consulting projects

  • To source for consulting projects with businesses where club members can get a taste of consulting in action


  • Consulting summer internship interview support
  • Networking with alumni: employee referrals and company visits
  • Case question tracking from real consulting case interviews and various case competitions

Term 4-6

  • Publication of the 1st CEIBS casebook, which will include industry overviews and real cases from China market
  • Launch of the 1st CEIBS consulting club website
  • May career trek: inclusion of additional consulting company visits


President Name: 
David Ding

Club Contact Information