CEIBS MBA International Club (CMIC)

Club Name: 
CEIBS MBA International Club (CMIC)
Club Vision: 

The International Club will strengthen the whole CEIBS community and will have a positive impact on our social, as well as our academic life.

Club Mission: 

By increasing cultural awareness, we want to bring our classmates closer together, while decreasing cultural barriers.

Club Activities or Events: 

The planned social events will be a nice addition to our rather busy academic life and will contribute to a healthier work-life-balance.

Events like the Halloween Party, Chinese New Year Celebration and the Indian Night will help to familiarize everyone with the culture of their fellow classmates.

Cultural Sharing Events

We want to make the most of the diversity that our classmates bring to CEIBS and learn from each other.

On the one hand, the cultural sharing sessions will focus on the business side of things: business etiquette in different countries and cultures, do’s and don’ts, helpful advice that can make our future global career easier. On the other hand, we want to learn about differences in culture in an everyday sense. What are the main differences of India and China? How can you compare the Russian mentality to the Chinese one? What are great places to visit and explore in Kenya? What is the signature dish of Switzerland? There are countless interesting cultural topics and we will explore as many as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or suggestions – thank you!

President Name: 
Kate Honervogt

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