Club Name: 
Club Vision: 

To promote greater awareness of social innovation and corporate citizenship to the student body at CEIBS.

Club Mission: 

Cultivate a spirit of social entrepreneurship amongst the CEIBS community

Community Engagement: we are going to work with School to try to create more service opportunities to our members

Cross-Club Collaboration: Social Impact is by nature a cross-cutting, multidisciplinary field. CSR Club endeavors to collaborate with other clubs, such as Women’s Leadership Club, Investment Club and Entrepreneurship Club, on projects and workshops that will maximize students’ learning experience.

Club Activities or Events: 

COIN Program - Help teach English to kids whose parents are DAGONG from rural side of China in a place about 10 km from CEIBS on Sunday mornings (10-11:30am). The class consists of 40-50 kids aged 10-12, with disadvantaged family background and were rarely got a chance to learn English at home.

A series of smaller events/sharing sessions. These smaller events will be more targeted at specific social issues (using Sustainable Development Goals as guiding principles) and innovations (innovative business models and funding mechanisms such as venture philanthropy and impact investing)

Experiential learning workshops that enables students to observe social issues up-close, reflect on challenges and opportunities, and explore feasible business models that help address these social problems. This project will be guided by faculty members.

President Name: 
Rodrigo Laniado-Illingworth

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