CEIBS MBA Social Impact & Responsibility Club (CMCC)

Club Name: 
CEIBS MBA MBA Social Impact & Responsibility Club (CMCC)
Club Vision: 

Connecting responsible citizens through social awareness to impact the world

Club Mission: 

We commit to build a strong community that provides the knowledge, resources, and support to meaningfully engage in social impact areas.

Club Activities or Events: 

Social Impact & Responsibility Club will organize activities and events focusing on three different levels of value-adding for MBA students.


Social Impact Business : By organizing interactive activities such as sharing session, workshops and international competitions, we offer students the opportunity to learn the business in social impact areas directly from practitioners and experts.

Our main focus areas include:

  • Impact Investment

  • Renewable Energy

  • Social entrepreneurship

  • Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability

  • International Development


Sustainability Challenges : We initiate CEIBS Week Challenge to promote sustainable daily practices so that students can experience the real change made by their contribution.

  • Go Paperless challenge

  • Say no to plastic challenge

  • Stairs challenge


COIN English Tutoring Program: We volunteer to help teach English to underprivileged children who came to Shanghai with their migrant working parents.

  • Every Sunday: 10:00-11:30AM

  • 9~12-years-old group of children

President Name: 
Elle Jung

Club Contact Information