The tuition for the 2018 intake is CHF 100,000 (approx. CNY 680,000)

The application fee is RMB 1,800.

The tuition fee covers:

Tuition for the 18-month programme
Textbooks and other teaching materials. Access to the libraries, computer resources and other facilities
Tuition for all overseas modules, including ground transportation and accommodations. Students are required to make their own flight arrangements
Lunches during all modules

Payment Schedule: The HEMBA tuition fee can be paid in three instalments

First payment of 10% is due within two weeks of receipt of our Admission Notice to reserve your seat
Second payment of 50% is due by March 31, 2018
Third payment of 40% is due December 31, 2018

Please note: After registration, those who drop out of HEMBA for personal reasons or who are expelled from the programme for disciplinary reasons, do not qualify for a refund of tuition fee.