CEIBS Global EMBA Scholarships

CEIBS offers scholarships to Global EMBA candidates to further enhance the programme’s diversity, international business and leadership focus. A certain percentage reduction in tuition fee will be offered to self-sponsored candidates with excellent career growth as well as strong leadership capabilities. Financial need will also be considered in the review process. 

Recipients of the awards are expected to contribute to further promote CEIBS’ activities in their own regions or sectors to foster a coherent continuation of the diversification efforts. 

The scholarships available for GEMBA applicants are as follows:

  • Global EMBA Public Service Scholarship
    Candidates working for NGOs, government or non-profit institutions are eligible for this scholarship. The recipient of this scholarship will further increase and broaden the awareness of these sectors to classmates, enriching the learning experience. The scholarship is designed to assist public service candidates, especially those in leadership positions, to transfer management skills to their institutions. 
  • Global EMBA Entrepreneur Scholarship
    This scholarship will be awarded to a candidate who shows an entrepreneurial spirit in starting up his/her own business.
  • Global EMBA International Scholarship
    CEIBS Global EMBA is very interested in culturally diverse people and we value candidates with multicultural backgrounds, especially those who have succeeded in leading multicultural teams. The scholarship will be awarded to candidates with a strong international career.

How to apply
Please submit the attached Scholarships Application with completed application to CEIBS Global EMBA Admissions before the application deadlines. Applications submitted after the deadlines will not be considered.

Awarding of the Scholarship
After receiving the scholarship application, CEIBS Scholarship Committee which is composed of Deans, programme directors and faculty, will evaluate the scholarship application together with the Global EMBA programme application. 

The scholarship will be up to 25% of tuition fees, and directly deducted from the tuition. However, it can’t be used as part of the deposit, which must be paid in full by the specified deadline. 

CEIBS Global EMBA Admissions will inform the candidates by a written notice, of the amount of scholarship and the deadline of tuition fee payment. 

Other issues
Scholarship recipients should act as role models both on campus and off campus with regards to personal ethics, academic performance and community activities. In cases of behaviour in serious violation of school rules and regulations, or even against the law, the school will cancel his or her scholarship and ask for the full refund.

If a scholarship recipient has to leave CEIBS for any reason (expulsion, voluntary departure, etc.), CEIBS has the right to ask for a full refund of the scholarship. 

Please feel free to contact CEIBS Global EMBA Admissions for more details:; 2890 5699.