MBA 2018 Student Ambassadors Chosen

27 September, 2016. Shanghai – The CEIBS MBA Ambassador programme today welcomed 33 CEIBS MBA students from 16 countries who are taking up the mantle of promoting CEIBS on the global stage. The student ambassadors use innovative social media campaigns, international coffee chats with MBA aspirants and other means of communication to amplify the CEIBS brand among their peers.

Welcoming the Ambassador team, Vice President and Dean Prof. Ding Yuan encouraged the group to make full use of the school’s resources and their creativity to help leverage the efforts of faculty, alumni and staff  who work together to promote CEIBS’ flagship programme.

The Ambassadors chose Charlotte Li and Jaime Boy for the group’s president and vice president posts respectively. In her pitch for the post, Charlotte said she was keen to utilize her entrepreneurial experience with video based marketing services, and she highlighted the value of accountability and spark when reaching out to prospective students. 

Jaime Boy also brings a passion for China to the Vice President role. The Mexico native originally set his sights on enrolling at Harvard Business School and was working to promote Harvard in Mexico when he got the opportunity to visit China. After spending some time in Shanghai, Jaime changed his B-school plans; he found that CEIBS offered both the ideal programme and location to pursue his MBA.  

As a group, the CEIBS Ambassadors have experience that covers 12 industries and nine functions. Aspiring MBA students are welcome to reach out and engage with the Ambassadors directly to find out about their CEIBS experience so far and why they should look East to pursue their MBA.