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There was just no way we could pass up an opportunity to look at the sharing economy, the topic of this issue’s Cover Story. After all, words such as Uber, Mobike and Airbnb have become a part of our everyday vocabulary. So in this issue, CEIBS faculty and industry players whose enterprises share everything from accommodations to professional services help explain how and why the sharing economy is such a hot topic – and what it means for us all.

In addition to the information-packed Cover Story, there are several Features in this issue as well. One of them looks at the softer side of CEIBS Professor of Economics Xu Xiaonian, and the outstanding charitable work he has done over the years. We also introduce you to Professor Emily David, whose career has taken her to places many of us can only dream of, such as the NASA International Space Station. We also bring you a story from our Zurich Campus, part of a new push to showcase more of all CEIBS’ five locations across the globe.

Then in CEIBS Knowledge, we bring you two very different pieces. In one, CEIBS Dean Ding Yuan looks at Four Ways China is Changing. In the other, Professor Shameen Prashantham provides 3 Tips for Foreign Tech Firms to Win in China’s Internet Market.

And we have a LOT of great news about our alumni. This includes a new section called Alumni Chapter Sharing where we provide an update on the International Alumni Association, check in with the Guangxi Chapter and share the Alumni Golf Club’s long-sought-after win. Entrepreneurial Spirit brings us the fascinating story of singer/songwriter/producer and CEIBS alumnus Jerry Huang; and we also bring you the story of CEIBS MBA alumni Ritwik Ghosh and Vijay Chowdhary whose billion dollar deals are helping bridge ties between China and India.  As usual, major school updates are included in the Briefing and Scene@CEIBS sections.

We hope you like this revamped version of TheLINK. We look forward to your feedback, along with story ideas for future issues. Just drop us a line at alumnimagazine@ceibs.edu


Snow Zhou


Assistant President, CEIBS

Charmaine N. Clarke


Assistant Director, CEIBS Marcom