Monday, November 9, 2015

Creating Value by Awakening a Sleeping Brand

By Director of CEIBS Research Centre for Emerging Market Studies JD.COM Chair Professor in Strategy and International Business Klaus E. Meyer

Is there ever anything to be gained from buying a brand that’s left for dead?

When I first read about Pearl River Piano, it was a story about an acquisition of a famous German piano maker named Ritmüller that helped Pearl River to advance in the premium segment. Yet, there was a little problem: Ritmüller was supposed to be from the city of Göttingen and even though I had lived there for five years, I had never heard the name. So, I called an expert on the German music industry, and he hadn’t heard about the company either. Now I was intrigued, and did what professors do when the facts don’t fit: I dug into the archives. It turns out the real story is much more interesting. Read more on

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