• CEIBS Beijing Library

    Open hours: 10:00-17:30 from Thursday to Sunday 

  • CEIBS Shanghai Library

    Open hours: 8:30-24:00
    Legal Holidays: 8:30-17:30

  • Library Exhibition

    An Aesthetic Appreciation of the CEIBS Library 


About the Library

Our Libraries

School (Main) Library | Global Sources Information Centre, Shanghai

The school’s main library was founded in 1995 and named after its donor, Global Sources Information Centre. The 3-storey Library has over 2,500 square meters of floor space and is elegantly surrounded by reflecting pools constructed of polished black granite.

The Library offers seating for 240 patrons. Network connections and wireless network are all available throughout the entire facility. The library provides patrons with a quiet and favourable learning environment. 

Library resources are all open-stack. The library has gradually designed a collection system based on having the subject of Economy and Management as its core collection and has been in constant pursuit of a perfect integration of paper literature with digital resources. It's always at the service of CEIBS patrons.

Library, Beijing

The library at CEIBS Beijing Campus was built based on the concept of information commons. Its total area is 350m2 and it provides 30 reader spaces within a quiet and comfortable study environment. The building has comprehensive wireless network coverage.  Other library facilities include areas for electronic and print resources, reading room, discussion area and reference desk. All materials are referenced in the library.

Library Annual Report