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The Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum 2016

Harnessing Global Insights to Drive Innovation in China



From finance and energy to biotechnology and Industry 4.0, a new wave of innovation and technological change is transforming the global economic landscape. As new models of mass innovation and entrepreneurship emerge, crowd sourcing and crowd funding have given rise to a new era of ‘makers’. The Chinese government is committed to training a new generation of ‘makers’ to boost its innovation-driven economy.
The world has never been so connected before: China can tap Silicon Valley’s know-how, Israel’s start-up experience, and cutting-edge technologies from around the globe. In his bestselling novel, The World Is Flat, writer Thomas Friedman argues that in the ‘Globalisation 3.0’ era, individuals will replace countries and companies as the main drivers of globalisation. Friedman believes that as this new round of globalisation further ‘shrinks’ our world, talented and innovative individuals will be able to marshal global resources to their own advantage. As Friedman puts it, “The fiber-optic cable… wired the whole world together, and, without anyone really planning it, made Bangalore a suburb of Boston.”
In recent years, new patterns of cooperation and competition have delivered a huge boost to human development. Going forward, a fusion of disparate ideas will profoundly change our world, bridging large physical distances to bring people closer together.
As an organisation with a global vision, CEIBS keeps abreast of innovation and entrepreneurship in China and the world at large, and integrates its findings in teaching and practice. At this annual forum on innovation and entrepreneurship, distinguished speakers from around the world will share valuable insights and ideas with participants.

November 11 (Friday)


CEIBS Shanghai Campus


Welcome Address

Prof. Li Mingjun
President & Professor of Management, CEIBS

Mr. Michael Kuan
Chairman, Kuan Capital
Founder, Kuanroad Global Co-innovation Alliance

Host: Ms. Yang Yanqing
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, China Business News; President, CBN Research Institute

Opening Session: Marshaling Global Insights to Drive Chinese Innovation

Technological progress has drawn people closer, accelerating innovation in business models and technologies around the world, as well as their replication. Across the globe, individual innovations are becoming increasingly integrated. This session will look at how prominent centres of innovation, such as Silicon Valley, Israel and Switzerland, have developed and what China can learn from them. Speakers will also examine the ‘recipes’ that have enabled some Chinese entrepreneurs to succeed, and explore how China might establish innovative partnerships with other countries.


Keynote Speech I

Dr. Peter Diamandis
Founder & Exec. Chairman, Singularity University


Coffee Break


Keynote Speech II

Prof. Zhu Xiaoming
Zhongtian Chair Professor of Management, CEIBS


Keynote Speech III

Mr. Bruno Bézard
Managing Partner, Cathay Capital
Former Vice Minister, Head of the French Treasury


Dialog: Global Co-innovation
Host: Mr. Kuan Xin, Chairman, Kuan Capital

  • Mr. Peter Diamandis, Founder & Exec. Chairman, Singularity University
  • Mr. Bruno Bézard, Managing Partner, Cathay Capital;Former Vice Minister, Head of the French Treasury



Session I: Microbiomes: A Health Industry Revolution

The US government recently launched the National Microbiome Initiative (NMI), an ambitious plan to research invisible microbiomes that live in the human body and entire ecosystem, with a view to finding applications in health care, food production, and environmental restoration. As an extension of the Human Genome Project, the NMI uses metagenomics to investigate how structural changes in microbiomes affect human health. Microbiomes are still an emerging field in China. In this session, speakers will give an overview of research progress, propose possible applications in the health industry, and explore commercial opportunities.


Roundtable Discussion:

  • Mr. Huang Fanzhi, Partner, Share Capital; CEIBS MBA03
  • Mr. Liu Qiang, Executive President, Realgene
  • Mr. Xu Xun, President, BGI Research Institute


Moderator: Prof. John Cai, Director, CEIBS Centre for Health Care Management and Policy

Session II: AR&VR: Commercial Prospects

Recently, the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) sectors have been riding a wave of popularity, making them the darling of the capital markets. IDC, a market survey agency, forecasts that global AR/VR-related revenues will grow from 5.2 billion USD in 2016 to over 162 billion USD in 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 181.3%. Overseas, tech giants, such as Google, Apple and Intel, have already joined the fray. Meanwhile, in China, local governments have unveiled policies which aim to promote AR/VR-related industries. In this session, speakers will consider whether AR and VR are a passing fad, or are here for the long run; if they are capable of providing indispensable tools or just dispensable toys; and whether they just feed our fantasies or offer us a precious opportunity. Session IV will also look at the commercial prospects of AR/VR technology, and how entrepreneurs and investors can cash in on these.


Roundtable Discussion:

  • Mr. Bruce Dell, CEO, Euclideon
  • Mr. Zhou Qinghui, Founder and CEO, GDI Vision; CEIBS EMBA12
  • Mr. Bobby King, Vice President, ODG


Moderator: Prof. Gong Yan, Professor of Management Practice, CEIBS

Session III: Transition and Innovation in the Cultural and Creative Industries: Imagination and Creativity

The cultural and creative industries are an emerging sector which can contribute substantially to a country’s soft power and economic growth. Countries across the globe are now turning their attention to this sector, which is no longer just a raw prospect, but a thriving industry capable of generating lucrative returns. In his book, The Creative Economy, author John Hawkins points out that that the creative economy creates up to 22 billion USD of global value every day, a year-on-year increase of 5%. The sustained growth of this industry requires not only great imagination, but also innovative minds that can think up feasible projects. This session will draw on the experience of overseas companies to explore business model innovation in the cultural and creative industries.


Roundtable Discussion:

  • Mr. Wang Rongwen, Chairman, Taipei Huashan Creative Park
  • Mr. Zhao Xiaojun, General Manager, CCDI; CEIBS EMBA05
  • Mr. Lv Chao, Founder & Chairman, Youhug Media; CEIBS EMBA08


Moderator: Ms. Yang Yanqing, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, China Business News; President, CBN Research Institute


Keynote Speech IV

Mr. Cao Jie
Chairman, Xinhua Holding Group; CEIBS EMBA07

Vice President, ODG

Managing Partner, Cathay Capital;Former Vice Minister, Head of the French Treasury

Founder, Singularity University, Silicon Valley

Founder & Chairman, Youhug Media

Chairman, Taipei Huashan Creative Park

President, BGI Research Institute

General Manager, CCDI

Founder and CEO, GDI Vision

Professor of Management Practice, CEIBS

CEIBS Centre for Health Care Management and Policy