Hanzhang WU

While still a college student at Fudan University, Wu Hanzhang founded the “Hand-in-Hand” Student Association, which organized college students to go to Bazhong county, Sichuan Province for poverty alleviation. Upon graduation in 1997, he began to work in the bank. In 2000, he and two other friends chose a field that no one at that time had ever set foot in--care for seniors--as their new undertaking. They held workshops for seniors to train them on how to go online, and also used the cheaply-bought second-hand computers to teach seniors how to use computers one-on-one. All their efforts have been highly appreciated by seniors. Then, cognizant of the needs of seniors, they came up with an idea that they would aim to address the spiritual emptiness of seniors through the internet. In 2001, they founded the “oldkids” website to provide an online community for seniors. Within 19 years, they have helped more than 100,000 older people in aggregate to learn how to use computers, and have built the “oldkids”website to become an exchange and show platform for more than 300,000 older people.